Thursday, June 24, 2010

Communication is Vital


Photography is like painting on a canvas but with the simple click of the shutter. When artists take years to create a beautiful work of art, a photographer only takes moments. Whether you're a painter or a photographer, you are creating art. Your photographic art needs to communicate three things: Who you are, who your client is, and who is your audience.

Who Are You?
Most photographers find it hard to describe their specific style of photography. Some enjoy taking snapshots of candid moments, while others prefer a more traditional portrait style. Regardless of your personal taste, you need to discover your personal technique and then stick with it. Stephen Karlisch of Karlisch Photography says, "If you look at the true icons of photography, their style is very consistent. The photographer who keeps changing his style is never going to make it in the long run" (Constant Craving, Jeff Kent, Professional Photographer, Vol. 134).

Who is Your Client?
Every one of your clients has a story to tell. It is your job as their photographer to tell that story. If you hastily create a relationship with your client, you may find it extremely difficult to capture their life on film. Take the time to get to know your clients before the shoot. You may find it beneficial to set up a consultation a week or two before the event. Understand their likes, their dislikes, how many siblings they have, what their favorite food is, etc. Keep track of who they are in their client notes in StudioCloud and you'll find that it's much easier to tell their story if you know who they really are.

Who is Your Audience?
When your client sees their proofs for the first time, each picture needs to convey a certain emotion tailored specifically to them. Emotion and your style go hand in hand as your strive for the picture perfect photo. Aim to capture your clients mood, expression, and personality. If you can get your client to "be themselves" during a photo shoot, the emotion you receive will be real, raw and beautiful and be directed to your audience: the client.

If you truly want to succeed as a photographer, you will need to learn how to communicate with yourself, your clients, and the art that you create.

Do you have any suggestions to other photographers who want to learn how to communicate through their photography?

We'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment below!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Adobe Air 2.0

Your business management software just got a little better.

Adobe has officially released Adobe Air 2.0. Now StudioCloud is faster, uses less memory, and some technical issues have been fixed with this release.

Below are some frequently asked questions that you may find helpful with this new transition.

Do I need to download Adobe Air 2.0?
Our development team has released a new update that automatically downloads Adobe Air 2.0. If you have recently updated StudioCloud 3.0, you are running on the new version of Adobe Air.

What if I was using StudioCloud 3.0 Air 2.0?
Our development team allowed some of our users to download and install the beta version of Adobe Air 2.0. Since Adobe Air 2.0 has now been officially released, there is no need to use StudioCloud 3.0 Air 2.0. If you are currently using that version, we highly recommend to resume use of StudioCloud 3.0 as we no longer provide support for StudioCloud 3.0 Air 2.0.

When I try to download the newest update, it tells me that my computer is not supported. What should I do?
Please view our online tutorial that details what computers were affected and how you can download a version of StudioCloud that is compatible with your system.

If you have any questions related to Adobe Air 2.0, please send an email to

Friday, June 4, 2010

Go Green with StudioCloud!

Be a part of the growing environmental revolution with StudioCloud!

This year, StudioCloud has helped thousands of businesses and photography studios become a little greener. With StudioCloud, there is no need to keep track of your clients on paper. Simply enter in their information, and hit save! With one click, you can access their information in seconds.

With the option of CloudBoost, you can stop worrying about permanently losing your sensitive paper documents and important business information. By going green with StudioCloud, all of your data is securely stored on our servers and housed in state-of-the-art data centers with 24-hour controlled security. In case of computer failure or damage to your business, your information is 100% retrievable.

Take control of your business by going paperless with StudioCloud! Instead of spending precious time looking for files in cabinets (or all over the floor), save yourself some work and use Cloud Storage. This feature allows you to upload any type of file to your StudioCloud account, giving you the ability to access your information from any computer, anywhere.

Join the Green revolution by using StudioCloud and CloudBoost, and like the thousands of business we have already helped go green, we can help you too!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

StudioCloud Mobile

StudioCloud Mobile is the amazing tool that allows you to access all of your StudioCloud information right from your iPhone, BlackBerry, or any other Internet enabled mobile device. Every user of StudioCloud who has CloudBoost or EmployeeBoost has access to this great feature!

Using StudioCloud mobile is simple, easy, and effective! If you find yourself lost on your way to an appointment, quickly log into StudioCloud Mobile and access your events for that day. If you've entered in the event address in the notes section, you can map the way to your destination.

One of the best features of StudioCloud Mobile is the ability to create clients and prospective clients. With this feature, if you ever meet someone who may be a potential customer, you can quickly and easily save their contact information to your StudioCloud account using your mobile phone. It's just that easy!

Take advantage of this wonderful feature by going to on your Internet enabled mobile device.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In-Studio Proofing

For years, StudioCloud has offered in-studio proofing only as a separate software package.

Now, you can access In-Studio Proofing directly from StudioCloud 3.0!

With this added feature, you can immediately begin importing images to be shown to your clients on a monitor, digital TV, or even a projection screen! The enhanced experience for your clients is unlike any other, which could lead to an increase in sales.

PPA research found, “Presenting previews by projection is far more profitable than using paper proofs. In fact, the studio’s that used projection were almost twice as profitable as [...] studios that used paper proofs.”1 (emphasis added). Make your studio more profitable by creating albums of your customer’s images by using In-Studio Proofing.

For more information regarding In-Studio Proofing, please view our online tutorial.