Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CloudForms In Open Beta

NOTE: The CloudForms has completed the open beta and customers can now subscribe to it.

StudioCloud is excited to announce that CloudForms is now in open beta for all StudioCloud users to use.

CloudForms includes the ability to create online questionnaires and/or customized website contact us forms. In addition, CloudForms also includes the ability to have contracts that are generated in StudioCloud to be esigned by a customer over email. The forms and contracts are also compatible with iPhones,  iPads, Android phones and tablets.

Here is an example of a wedding questionnaire

Here is an example of a contact us sample

Both of the above samples are included in the samples tab in the form manager. They are both customizable as well.

Here are the instructions on how create a questionnaire.

Here are the instructions on how to have a contract esigned.

Additional written and video tutorials will be available in the near future. In addition, the ability to embed a questionnaire / contact us form in a website will be available in the next minor release.