Friday, April 29, 2016

Tip: CloudForms On The Go

Using StudioCloud's new CloudForms features, you can save custom CloudForm's to your iPhone or iPad homepage.

This feature lets you integrate CloudForms automation directly into your mobile experience.

Here are just a few ways that people are using the new features of CloudForms.
  • Track leads by entering their contact info into a CloudForm from your phone. Then let the CloudForm automatically send them a welcome email with a "Book a Session" Personalized CloudForm in the welcome email.
  • Schedule a client directly from your phone using a private CloudForm that shows your available sessions.
  • Have a client eSign a contract from your phone and have it email them the signed contract.
  • Have a client pay a deposit from your phone and have it automatically create an invoice for the client.

Monday, April 11, 2016

New: Personalized CloudForms

StudioCloud is excited to release our new CloudForms update called Personalized CloudForms. Personalized CloudForms are forms that are associated with an already existing client or with a session/appointment/event. The personalized CloudForms will pre-populate the forms and let the customer update them to meet their needs.

Here are some examples of when you could use personalized CloudForms.

Lead Tracking With Personalized CloudForms

In the welcome email that you send to a lead, you want to have them verify the contact information that you entered for them and have them correct it if a mistake was made. You can do that be sending them a personalized CloudForm.

Verify Session Details Using Personalized CloudForms

When you schedule a session, you want to send an email to the client which contains a personalized CloudForm pre-populated with the session start date and start time. They can confirm that the session information is correct by selecting a checkbox in the CloudForm.

Verify Contact Info From Tablet or Ipad

You can have a customer verify their contact info from a tablet or ipad using a personalized CloudForm.

Automating Booking A Sales Session Using Personalized CloudForms and CloudAlerts

After a session has been completed, you want to automatically have a CloudAlert email sent to the client, two days after the session, with a link in it to a personalized CloudForm. Their information will already be pre-populated in the CloudForm, and they can schedule a sales session directly from the CloudForm.

You can do all of the above items and more using Personalized CloudForms!

Monday, April 4, 2016

New: Automatically Set Up Pipelines, Templates, etc.

StudioCloud has added a new setup option to the Setup Wizard. This option will automatically set up your StudioCloud account with the information needed to quickly get up and going for your type of business.

New or existing clients can use these features. If you go under Settings, Setup Wizard, you can use the automatic setup without compromising your current data. Please be aware that if you have already set some things up yourself, this may create some duplicates. You can always go in a do a group operation to delete any items you do not want to use.

Below are some of the features that the setup wizard can automatically setup for you if it applies to your business type.

Automation Associated with Scheduling

The setup wizard will automatically create calendar types and calendar sub-types for you and will also create email and text message templates for the calendar types, so that when you schedule a session, appointment, or event it will automatically email or text message the customer.

You will be able to preview and customize the emails and text messages before they are sent to a customer.

Automated CloudAlert Emails and Text Messages

The setup wizard will automatically setup email and text messages for you. However, you will need to activate the CloudAlerts before any messages are automatically sent to customers. You can also go in and further customize them.

Click this link to learn how to activate CloudAlerts.

The setup wizard will setup the following items if they apply to your business:

  • Set up emails to be sent a few days before the session or event to remind the client of it.
  • Setup text messages to be sent a few hours before the session or event to remind the client of it.
  • Setup email and text message thank yous for the sessions or events which will include a link to a CloudForm where the client can schedule their Sales Session from the CloudForm.
  • Setup Birthday and Anniversary emails and text messages
Lead Tracking

The setup wizard will automatically setup lead tracking with client pipelines. The client pipelines include a welcome email and text message template when the lead is initially scheduled. You can go in and further customize these.

Event Tracking

The setup wizard will automatically setup event tracking for tracking what needs to be done before or after an event using event pipelines. It includes having an email sent to the client, with a personalized CloudForm, which will require that a client eSign a pre-built contract when a wedding session is created. You can also set it up to take a deposit at this point.

Order Tracking

The setup wizard will automatically setup order tracking for tracking the overall status of the items that a customer has ordered. It also includes email and text message templates for when an order is either shipped or ready for a customer to pickup.


The setup wizard will automatically setup a Contact Us Form that can be added to your website. The contact us form also includes an email template that will be automatically sent to the customer when they fill out the contact us form.

All of these items can and should be further customized by you, to work for your business and personal branding. This is meant to set things up, so you can visually see how StudioCloud works, and see how to get your workflow started. It is meant to reduce the learning curve and to get you up and going more quickly!

Click here to add CloudAlerts, CloudForms, or CloudBooking to your StudioCloud account