Thursday, August 11, 2011

3.1.059 Release Notes

The latest major update contained quite a few new additions and changes. We thought we'd give you a quick overview of some of the most important updates below.
  • Line Item Discounts
  • New Security Roles Interface
    • The Security Roles section used by EmployeeBoost users has been redesigned to be much more powerful. Now you can setup StudioCloud to only let your employees create invoices and not allow them to edit or delete them. In addition, you can setup StudioCloud to only let your employees view the invoices that they created and not any other employees' invoices. That is just a small sample of what you can do.
  • Dymo Label Writers
  • LogBook Tracking
    • StudioCloud now supports historical tracking of information over time. Using the LogBook you can view what changes were made in StudioCloud, when they were made, and by whom. In addition, you can also view when emails were sent to a client from either StudioCloud or from the CloudAlert email system.
  • Disable Auto Sync
  • Track Canceled Appointments
    • StudioCloud now allows you to cancel an appointment rather then deleting it. This allows you to maintain a history of clients that cancel over time. To view the canceled appointments go to the events section in the clients history and click the "View Cancellations" checkbox
  • Print Calendar Filter Agendas
    • StudioCloud now allows you to print agendas for a specific employee or calendar filter.
  • Share CloudStorage File
    • StudioCloud now provides the public link so that you can share your CloudStorage files with others. To access the link go to Manage Cloud Storage and click the Share button.
  • New Internet Diagnostic Icons
    • StudioCloud has added a new internet icon to provide additional information. Previously we only offered a blue icon which meant that you had internet and a red icon which meant that you didn't have an internet connection. We have introduced a new yellow icon which indicates that you have an internet connection but StudioCloud has detected some internet issues with it. If you click on the yellow icon it will provide additional information regarding those issues.
  • New Service Health Dashboard
    • The new Service Health Dashboard will be updated by StudioCloud if there are ever any issues in our data centers that might affect StudioCloud's syncing process.
  • Real Time Scheduling Wizard
    • StudioCloud added a real time scheduler to StudioCloud to assist in getting the most accurate schedule as possible. Please note that there are some limitations to the scheduler so make sure you click the "Real Time Scheduling Limitations" button to learn more about those.
  • New Cloud Services Item
    • To simplify the user interface all of StudioCloud's paid for add-on's have been moved to the Cloud Services section of StudioCloud.
As always the features above were available in our minor releases long before they were released in a major release. You can always get a minor release by going to the following link.