Thursday, December 10, 2015

Adobe Air 20 Update Issue

The latest version of Adobe Air, version, has caused a few StudioCloud Mac users to not be able to open StudioCloud. If, after updating to this version, you can no longer open StudioCloud please follow the instructions below. Please note that if you have not updated to this version of Adobe Air we recommend only updating when you have some down time in case you encounter this issue.

The quick fix to this problem is to update to a version of StudioCloud that you do not currently have installed.

Here is a link to the latest major release of StudioCloud.

Here is a link to the latest minor release of StudioCloud.

If you are unsure which version you have installed we would suggest first downloading the minor update to see if it resolves your issue. After you run the update it should present you with a window that says "Update". If you see a window that says "Run Now" then that is the version that you currently have installed and you will need to download the other version to resolve this issue.

For some users after updating they are receiving an error message regarding an invalid certificate. If you receive that message then you will need to uninstall StudioCloud and reinstall StudioCloud.

Assuming you are on a mac computer you can uninstall StudioCloud by dragging it into the trash can and erasing it. After it has been erased you can reinstall StudioCloud from the following link.