Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Selling Your Work Beyond the Client

Your work is your best friend when it comes to referrals. I was recently talking with Peggy from Florida and she suggested something we should all be doing. As she photographs for weddings she photographs guests and tells them how to log into the gallery to see not only the bride and grooms photos but their own photos as well. She says she has great results in moving these people to paying customers.

To help, StudioCloud now provides three ways to publish an album online, allowing you to select the option that works best for the particular client and album you are publishing:

  1. You can list the album with no password, allowing anyone who visits your site to see the album
  2. You can list the album on your site, but require a password of your choosing to view the photos.
  3. You can publish the album online for your client, but it will not be listed on your website. An email is sent directly to the customer with a link to access the online gallery. No one will be able to view the gallery without the link contained in the email sent to the customer. This allows you to provide secure online proofing for photos that are more sensitive in nature.

A great marketing process outlined by Peggy, backed up by great tools to make it happen.

Scott Astin

StudioCloud Development Team

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