Friday, October 19, 2007

Updates For In-Studio Gallery

For all of you Gallery users we wanted to update you on the new version of the In-Studio Gallery. Some of the changes include a separate menu bar option for the In-Studio Album Manager and the Online Album Manager. These two features were previously under Album Manager which led to some confusion.

Now, if you want to create an album to show in-studio to a client, it will first appear under In-Studio Album Manager. Once you publish it online it will also appear under the Online Album Manger. You can erase your in-studio album once you are finished showing the album, this will not erase your online album. To delete your online album you will need to unpublish it.

Another great feature that has been added is the ability to directly publish an album online without having to import the photos into the In-Studio Gallery. This saves time for those who do not show their clients proofs in-studio but only post them online. To use this feature, from the Home page of the In-Studio Gallery, go to Online Album Manager. From here you will see a button that says upload images. This will give you the same options that you had before when posting an album online.

Stay tuned for many more features to come!

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Tara Bates

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