Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Updates to Clients

The last few updates have seen some new features related to clients. The first now allows you to see additional information about a client when you are adding them to a session. The second will help you find that one specific client according to their phone number.

Do you have two clients with the same name or even close to the same name? That can make it really hard to assign them a session. So we have added an icon in the "Search for Customers" that you can click. When you click the icon you will see additional information like home, cell, and work phone, email, address, and notes. Hopefully this will prevent you from using the good old guess and check method.

The second updated related to clients is in the search field at the bottom of the client/prospective client list. Using the search field at the bottom of the client list has just become a little more powerful. You can now search for clients by phone number. If you have "All Fields" selected from the search box then it will include the home, cell, and work phone of your clients in the search. Or you can now select the home, cell, or work phone numbers to search in specifically. Hopefully this will help you find that one specific client even more quickly.

1 comment:

-Matt said...

Great idea! ;)

Thanks for implementing this so quickly. This gives me a lot more faith in our ability to keep our studio info right where it is!