Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Online Proofing 2.0 Updates

On December 30th, 2008 the development team released an updated version of StudioCloud Online Proofing 2.0 and StudioCloud PSG 2.0. They made some changes that we believe everyone will be happy to hear about.

First, the development team updated the sorting of images in Online Proofing to be even more efficient.

Second, the compare photos, order photos, and browser for image interfaces were updated. Essentially the development team reduce the complexity to make it easier for your customers to use StudioCloud Online Proofing.

Third, in the Basic/Professional Suites you can now limit the number of poses that can be purchased in a package. To edit the number of poses allowed in a package simply edit the package in either StudioCloud Desktop or StudioCloud Browser, click the "Limit Package Poses" checkbox and enter the total number of poses you that package is allowed. This helps make the Online Proofing more flexible to fit your needs.

Last but not least is the addition of image options. You no longer have to upload three different images to show your customers color, black and white, and sepia. When your customers view the larger image or go to purchase a particular image they now have an option to view the image in black and white or sepia. If they choose to purchase a photo in black and white or sepia then a note is added to that particular product to let you and your customer know. These image options are optional on a per album basis on the Settings tab when uploading a new album. If you want to have the images options enabled by default then when you are publishing a new album just remember to enable the image options and click the "Save Settings As Default" button.

StudioCloud, It’s just that easy.

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