Thursday, August 13, 2009

StudioCloud Recent Update

Once again the StudioCloud development team has been hard at work providing you with new updates to the online proofing. This latest feature provides you the ability to view statistics for individual online proofing events. The newly added view statistics section keeps track of who is visiting your online gallery, how many visits are made and where the visits are coming from.

The update provides three new tabs that offer the following information. The first tab, titled Total Visitors, displays the IP address, city, country and date visited for each individual visit to your site. The Unique Visitors tab shows the IP address, city, country and number of visits that occur from one person. The Map of Visitors tab illustrates the location where individuals are viewing your online gallery. Check out this newly added feature by clicking the “Manage Online Proofing” button in your StudioCloud Desktop application or within StudioCloud PSG 2.0. Access the statistics by selecting the “View Statistics” button in an existing online proofing event.

The map of visitors indicates the different locations where people are viewing your online gallery events.

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