Friday, May 21, 2010

Cloud Storage!

StudioCloud proudly announces the release of one of the most exciting new features for our CloudBoost and EmployeeBoost customers: Cloud Storage!

Cloud Storage is the capability to upload any file and save that information to our servers, making the file accessible from any location that uses StudioCloud 3.0. You can attach image files to clients, PDF files to projects, Word documents to tasks, itineraries to events, and much, much more!

Sometimes, seeing a face is better than seeing a name on a screen. With this new feature, you can simply upload any image file of your client and access it in seconds!

You can also download any file you attach to a client, event, project or task. If you have a photo that needs to be touched-up, you can upload that file to a project's Cloud Storage and then have your graphic artist download the same file on their computer using this brand new and exciting feature!

For more information about Cloud Storage, please view our online tutorial.

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