Monday, June 13, 2011

New Client Portal

StudioCloud is excited to announce a new online client portal available for CloudBoost and EmployeeBoost users. The client portal provides the following functionality once a client has logged into the portal.
  • View their contact information for accuracy
  • View their scheduled appointments with you
  • View their invoices and pay any outstanding balance*

The client portal is available for you right now. You can embed the client portal in your website so that clients that go to your website can login directly to it or you can send them a link in an email that they can use to login.

For setup instructions please refer to the following tutorial.

*A Merchant Warehouse account is required for customers to pay balances from the client portal.

-StudioCloud Team


Anonymous said...

Are you looking to add PayPal to this?

Landon Green said...

The client portal was developed as a custom request using our consulting branch at

They did not request PayPal as a feature so it was not added.

To consider that feature request we would need you to post it on the forum at so that we could see the demand for it.

Will Bill said...

PayPal would be a real asset.. We already have a Credit Card vendor and a PayPal account. To hook up w/ a 3rd vendor makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

It is an essential part of our business to use PayPal as most people have a Paypal account. Please add PayPal to the Client Portal.

Thank you.

Landon Green said...
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Landon Green said...

If you would like to have paypal included in the client portal please post a comment at the following link requesting it.

Anonymous said...

Agree...would be fantastic to have Paypal included. Please add Paypal. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

paypal please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!