Monday, December 10, 2012

Android SmartPhone App Now Available

StudioCloud is excited to announce the release of the new StudioCloud Android Smartphone app available right now on the Google Play app store. You can see a screen shot of the scheduling section of the app below.

  • You can download the app from the following link. or you can go to the Google Play app store and search for StudioCloud. The app is called "StudioCloud Business Mgr".
  • Please note that the app is currently in open beta
  • Please also note that a CloudBoost or EmployeeBoost subscription is required to login to the app.

The Smartphone app includes the following functionality.
  • Client Management
  • Prospective Client (leads) Management
  • Graphical Calendar
  • Graphical Scheduler
  • Agenda
  • Invoicing
  • Project and task management
  • Time Tracking
In addition, StudioCloud will be adding much more functionality in the future. If you have the need for specific functionality please go to the following feature request forum and request the functionality.

If you would like to view the current status of the app including known bugs please go to the following link.

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