Monday, October 7, 2013

New Videos Posted

Our team has been hard at work adding new video content to our YouTube channel ( )  We are trying to create very short and specific informative videos.  The first two new videos are on creating and editing clients.  Please watch the blog or subscribe to the YouTube channel to keep up on the latest videos. 

Links to the videos are below.

Creating a New Client -

Editing a Client -


Unknown said...

The video for Creating a new client has been removed from youTube.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Jc Olivera said...

Interesting -

I just installed the software and getting to know the interface etc - I will post my comments soon.

Landon Green said...

We accidentally posted the video twice and youtube automatically removed it as a duplicate. We've fixed the problem shortly after and it has been resolved since then.

In other words you should be able to see the videos just fine now.

Unknown said...

Having a video about new clients is great, but what would be better is to be have a video that shows us how to enter a company record and then to be able to add new clients within that company. Having to reenter the company information for each new client within that company is crazy. I work for ad agencies and design firms that often have 10 to 20 different people that I connect with. This is client contact database 101. We should be able to add Agency XYZ and then enter a new art director without having to put in the company name, address,etc each time. Am I missing something here? Also, why no fax # spot?

Marc Carmen said...

Scott, you can create organizations in StudioCloud and assign clients to an organization. Instructions on creating organizations are available here: Please note, you can only add specific clients to an event or invoice but this is a way to group clients together.

We do allow you to enter a fax number for an organization but we do not currently offer this for clients. You can make a request on the StudioCloud forum at

Unknown said...

This response does not have anything to do with the issue. Surely I am not the only photographer that works for ad agencies with multiple clients within that one firm. Making an organization and putting in it's information does not help because it does not attach to a clients name. You still have to add the Business name, address, phone number, etc to each and every client in that company. You should be able to add a company with all of it's info and then add new client names and their title (oops, can't do that either) to that company. It appears that this is really a program for wedding and portrait photographers only. There is so much to love about studiocloud, but such basic business needs as these are hard to understand.

Marc Carmen said...

StudioCloud allows you to assign a client to an organization or an organization to a client. Both of these options are available. Now you are right that you still have to enter the information in for the client but in there are many situations in which the individual's contact information is different than the business information. This is especially true with phone number and email and less common with something like address. In the end, it sounds like what you might be looking for is the ability to copy the information from the organization directly into the client. So you might want to make a feature request for something like a button that will copy organization details (business name, phone number, address, etc) into a client record. We really do take our users requests seriously on the forum ( ) and although we cannot promise to implement every request, making a feature request there allows us to gauge the interest of our community for each feature and then determine the best implement those different features.