Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Feature: Pipelines

With the latest release of StudioCloud, version 3.1.270, we have implemented some new features and functionality for managing everything that needs to be done in a business. We will be doing a blog post with video and written tutorials as well as examples later this week to introduce the new concepts.

Below is a quick introduction to the new features.

New Pipelines

We have added some new pipelines. Here is a breakdown of where each pipeline should be used.
  • Client Pipelines
    • Client Pipelines are used for tracking inquiries or leads to make sure they get converted to paying customers. 
  • Event Pipelines
    • Event Pipelines are used to track what needs to be done before and after a scheduled appointment,session, or event
  • Order Pipelines
    • Order Pipelines are used to track the overall status of the entire order or invoice
  • Task Pipelines
    • Task Pipelines are used to track specific items in an order that a customer has ordered. An order must be created from a invoice to use task pipelines.
Assign Pipelines Directly To Events And Invoices
  • We have also added in the option to assign pipelines directly to events or invoices. This is useful in situations where you don't need to assign tasks to employees but just need to track the overall status of an event or invoice.
Assign Default Pipelines

We have also added in the option to assign default pipelines for clients, events, invoices and products/services.
  • Default Client Pipeline
    • This is useful so that when you create a new inquiry you can automatically have a default pipeline you use for that client.
  • Default Event Pipeline
    • This is useful so that when you select the calendar type or calendar sub type for an appointment, event or session it will automatically apply the correct pipeline for that event.
  • Default Invoice Pipeline
    • This is useful so that when you create a new invoice it will automatically have the desired pipeline associated with it
  • Default Task Pipeline
    • This is useful because you can setup default pipelines for products or services so that anytime they are added to a order it automatically has the required steps that you need to do to complete that product or service.
New Pipeline View

There are 3 new pipelines view so that you can easily see the status of a client, event, or invoice.
  • Client Pipeline View
    • The client view lets you see where a client is in the client pipeline
  • Event Pipeline View
    • The event view lets you see where an appointment, event, or session is in the event pipeline
  • Invoice Pipeline View
    • The invoice view lets you see where an invoice is in the order pipeline
Coming In Version 3.1.271
  • In the next update of StudioCloud you will be able to assign default pipelines to a client from a CloudForms. That means that when a client fills out a form it will automatically have a pipeline when it is added to StudioCloud
  • In the next update of StudioCloud you will also be able to assign an email template to a cloudform which will automatically be emailed to the client when they fill out a form. Essentially this is a automatic response to the customer that you have received their questionnaire.
  • In the next update of StudioCloud you will also be able to automatically send emails or text messages using client pipelines from a new or edit client window


Karen Thaemert said...

I would love to see a more visually oriented way of seeing tasks and pipelines. Adding MORE really isn't the issue of helping us keep on task. Making it more visual would help considerably. For example, a page that shows everything in a stage of work (opportunity, consultation, scheduled, sales consultation, post processing, fulfillment, final payment). Drag and drop options to move things through that process would be awesome. This is definitely my weak spot and I'm really struggling with how to keep up with tasks. Adding more steps actually complicates things unless it were more automatic.

Anonymous said...

I agree!

Unknown said...

us too!

Unknown said...

us too!