Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Feature Update: Jobs & Pipelines

In the latest update of StudioCloud numerous enhancements have been made to pipelines and jobs. Below is a summary of the improvements:
  • The new client, new prospective client, new leads, and new events windows all now have a job pipeline combobox. If a job pipeline is selected from those windows then a job will automatically be created when the client or event is created and they will automatically be associated with the job. The job will also have the job pipeline assigned to it.
  • If a job pipeline has the checkbox "Default Pipeline For New Jobs" then the job pipeline combobox in the feature above will be automatically selected when you click the new client, new prospective client, new lead, or new event window. Which means that jobs will automatically be created for new clients, prospective clients, leads, and events when the save button is clicked.
  • The pipeline stage windows have been updated to be easier to setup pipeline stage actions.
  • Pipeline stage actions now support removing an assigned employee from a job, project, or task instead of just assigning employees to them. This is useful if you want to assign an employee to a job at one pipeline stage and then remove the employee so that whichever employee is free can take the next pipeline stage.
  • Jobs have been updated to support job deadlines as well as pipeline stage deadlines. Job pipeline stages have been updated to support pipeline stage deadlines as well. This is useful in situations where a pipeline stage needs to be completed in a specific amount of time regardless of the job deadline.
  • Jobs have been updated to support employees being assigned to them.
  • Jobs have been updated to also support emailing or sms text messaging employees.

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