Monday, January 18, 2016

Feature Update: Tags

Client And System Tags

StudioCloud has previously offered a system to track clients, events, invoices, bookkeeping, projects and tasks using tags. With the latest update of StudioCloud still offers the exact same solution but we have conceptually divided the tags into two different categories. Client Tags and System Tags. Below is a definition for both of them.

Client Tags: Client tags are used to group clients for various reasons such as marketing purposes, quickly contacting them by email or text, reporting purposes, etc. Clients support unlimited tags.

System Tags: System tags are used to group resources such as events, invoices, bookkeeping, projects, and tasks for reporting purposes. A combo box with the label of tag is shown when system tags are enabled. Resources only support one system tag per resource.

By default a new StudioCloud account will have the system tags disabled to reduce the initial complexity of the StudioCloud program. Current StudioCloud accounts will, by default, have the system tags enabled.

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