Thursday, September 28, 2017

Redesigned Overview Page

With the latest minor update StudioCloud has introduced a new overview page. The new overview page provides all of the same information as the old overview page but now includes many more features which are listed below.

New Overview Page Features
  • Customizable
  • New Widgets
  • Uses Full Space
  • Popup Windows
  • Action Based
  • Customize the overview page to auto hide widgets if there isn't any information to display.
  • Customize the overview page to only show the components you want to see.
  • Customize the overview page to only show the time frames you want to see.
  • Customize the overview page to only show resources assigned to the logged in user.
New Widgets

All of the widgets have been redesigned in order to maximize space and provide the most important information. Here is a list of the widgets.
  • Recently modified clients
  • Pending Contracts
  • Recently Signed Contracts
  • Payments Due In 30 Days
  • Birthdays In 30 Days
  • Anniversaries In 30 Days
  • Agenda
  • Pipeline Stages
  • Tasks
  • Projects
  • Jobs
Uses Full Space

The new overview page is designed to adjust to maximize the space available based on your screen size.

Popup Windows

Some of the overview page widgets support opening popup windows with more information directly from the overview page.

Action Based

The new overview page widgets are focused on resources that have an upcoming deadline. This lets you keep on top of upcoming deadlines.

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