Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Accept Credit Cards Online & In-Studio

Credit card acceptance is here! The development team took extra time in ensuring that StudioCloud would have the most secure system available. Feel safe in knowing all of your clients data is protected using SSL which is the industry standard security for banks and other financial institutions.

You can now accept credit card payments through your Online Gallery and process them with your own merchant account. In your Basic Suite under Point of Sale (accepted credit cards tab) you can enter what credit cards you accept. When your clients are placing orders online they will be prompted to enter their credit card information. When their invoice comes through to your Basic Suite account just click on the payment section (edit card) to get the number to process.

When creating an invoice in-studio you can choose one of the credit cards that customer has on file or enter a new one for them. Then when processing orders later you will not have to track down a payment from them.

Keep an eye on the support page for an upcoming tutorial.

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