Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Press Release: Cutting edge technology for photographers

StudioCloud International Inc. Press Release

StudioCloud is excited to announce the release of new cutting edge studio management software for photographers. This new solution has merged the benefits of online anytime, anywhere access with offline on-location capabilities. With its pre-release thousands of photographers have been impressed by its functionality and ease of use and many of them are eagerly awaiting the release of the remaining StudioCloud products.

StudioCloud is providing photographers with customized, user-friendly software that includes client management, scheduling, point-of-sale, reporting, workflow tracking, as well as in-studio previewing and online galleries. Their services automate and integrate all of these photography business processes. StudioCloud enables the photographer to manage his or her company online--anytime, anywhere for a reasonable monthly fee with no upfront investment or costly support packages.

Their online model alleviates common complaints regarding IT maintenance, software installation, computer networking, and the cost of expensive upgrades. This model allows compatibility with both Mac’s and PC’s. Plus, photographers no longer have to worry about data loss or performing data backups because StudioCloud automatically backs up their data for them. For the convenience of photographers, StudioCloud also provides two free products that allow customers to have access to and modify their data without an internet connection.

StudioCloud uses Adobe’s latest technologies including Flex and AIR to create Rich Internet Applications. These new technologies provide customers with a beautiful, dynamic, interface that provides real time updating. StudioCloud’s products only require an internet connection and a browser, which offers instant support and automatic upgrades. StudioCloud is currently showcased by Adobe at

StudioCloud’s streamlined solution gives photographers the ability to organize and streamline their processes which drastically reduces the time spent on management responsibilities and tasks, allowing photographers to stay perfectly focused and framed for success.

StudioCloud offers a 30 day free trial with no obligations. To learn more about StudioCloud products refer to

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