Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Week's Updates

At the end of last week the StudioCloud development team made some updates that we just wanted to let you know about. The first update was to the login process. The development team has sped up the login in process considerable.

The second update was in the Bookkeeping section of the Basic and Professional Suites. If you go to the tab labeled "Accounts" in the Bookkeeping section and edit or create a new account you can now add a starting balance for that account. Currently all of your accounts will have a starting balance of zero but if you add in a starting balance then the account balance will be calculated based on that starting balance.

The last change was in the Search functionality of the Client section of the Basic and Professional Suite. Last week we added in the ability to assign "tags" to customers to help track additional information. Now in the search box on the bottom of the client and prospective client lists you can search for tags that have been assigned to customers. This is one way of finding your customers even more quickly.

StudioCloud, It's just that Easy

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