Friday, June 13, 2008

StudioCloud On-Location is Now Available

The StudioCloud development team has been hard at work and has just released the much anticipated StudioCloud On-Location into open Beta.

StudioCloud On-Location automatically detects whether or not you have an internet connection and, if you don't, it will automatically save your changes to your computer until you have an internet connection. This allows you to continue to operate if your internet goes down. In addition, you can also go to events where there isn't an internet connection, such as a school or wedding, and add prospective customers or create new invoices.

StudioCloud On-Location has a new sync page which will show you a table of everything you have done while offline. When you get an internet connection just go to the sync page and click on the sync button and it will sync everything up with your Basic/Professional Suite.

Note: StudioCloud On-Location is still in beta which means that the program might still have some unknown bugs in it. We recommend doing a trial run of using the On-Location without an internet connection before going to an event to confirm that it worked as expected.

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