Friday, January 23, 2009

StudioCloud Product Updates

We know alot of you have been patiently awaiting the new features that have now been released. Here are some of the most recent updates to StudioCloud's products.

StudioCloud Desktop Updates

1. You can now delete multiple users, products, or services at once. To use the group operations just mark the checkbox in the left-most column of the tables and then use the "Group Operations" button just above the table.

2. Track the individual cost of a product or service from within StudioCloud. To add the cost to a product or service just edit the product or service and use the "Cost" field. The product/service cost is currently utilized in producing the new report "Income, expense, and profit breakdown" which shows you a breakdown of quantity purchased, revenue, expense, and profit of products, services, and packages. In addition, the development team has made additional updates to the reporting section that should make managing your studio even easier.

3. You now have the ability to track your jobs from the moment you receive a lead. You can track who needs to complete what tasks and what needs to be done next to follow up with each client. Go under your Workflow tab and you will see a Jobs section. The new Jobs section helps you track all of your pre-order items while Workflow tracks everything once an invoice/order has been made. It is all tied together to give you a clear picture of where each job and order stands.

StudioCloud PSG 2.0 Updates

1. A new HTML invoice was added to the PSG 2.0. You can now see thumbnails of the ordered images in the invoice. The HTML invoice will eventually be added across all of the StudioCloud products.

2. When viewing images using StudioCloud PSG you have always been able to view B/W and Sepia and even crop pictures. With the most recent updates, any changes you apply to a picture will be saved and will be shown on the HTML invoice with those changes.

StudioCloud, It's just that easy.

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