Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jobs and Tasks on the Go

Recently the StudioCloud development team updated StudioCloud Mobile 2.0 to allow you to view jobs and tasks. Once you login to your account via the mobile interface you will see Jobs as the third item in the list right below Clients. If you click on Jobs you will see a list of your jobs that you have previously setup. Clicking on a job will show you a list of tasks for that job. In turn, clicking on a task will show you some of the task details.

In addition, if you are a Professional Suite user you can even view which jobs and tasks are assigned to each employee. If you click on one of your employee's names you can see all of the tasks and jobs currently assigned to them.

Finally, with the most basic information (name and description) you can create a new job. Once you create a new job or you have selected an existing job you can create a new task using name, description, and priority.

StudioCloud, It’s just that easy.

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