Friday, July 23, 2010

New Email Features

StudioCloud is happy to announce brand new ways to email clients in StudioCloud.

HTML Emails
If you're computer savvy, you can easily create an HTML email template and send it your clients via our new HTML email tab in StudioCloud. Any time you email a customer, you can choose either Plain Text or HTML. The benefits of HTML emails allow you to add images, different colored texts, and more.

Email Blasts
Have you ever wanted to email all of your clients in one marketing campaign in StudioCloud? Well, now you can! Simply choose a marketing campaign, click on More Actions and select Email Blast Clients in Campaign. This will then email all the clients in your marketing campaign reminding them of promotions, sales, or special offers.

Add Attachments to Emails
If you're tired of going to your normal email service to simply send an attachment to your client, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Simply open a client information window, click on More Actions and choose Email Client. In the new email window, select Add Attachment. You can attach any file and send it to your customers.

Email Multiple Clients
If you want to email an entire family, but don't want to spend the time searching for their email addresses, just select their names in the Client list, go to Group Operations and choose Email Selected Clients. With this new feature, you can quickly remind an entire family of their photo shoot, or simply send a nice check-up email.

With the new email features of StudioCloud, the possibilities seem endless.

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