Tuesday, July 20, 2010

StudioCloud Back Up

We are proud to announce an exciting new feature for our free customers and paid customers.

StudioCloud Back Up

Free Accounts
  • Now, you can easily and quickly back up* your StudioCloud files without having a CloudBoost account. Simply go to Settings>>Back Up StudioCloud. This will save a copy of all your important StudioCloud information to your desktop, harddrive, external hard drive, or even a flash drive. You can rest assured that all your StudioCloud information is safe and sound, backed up in case of computer failure.
Paid Accounts
  • With this new feature, you can easily create a file of all your information and transfer it to another computer! Instead of waiting for your StudioCloud information to download from the server, simply save the file, transfer it to another computer and you will have quick and easy access to all your StudioCloud business information in seconds!

For more information regarding backing up your StudioCloud account files, please read our online tutorial.

*If you have a free account, you cannot transfer backed-up StudioCloud files from one computer to another.

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