Monday, April 4, 2011

iPhone App Now Available

This version of the iPhone/iPad app has been discontinued.  Please see the following blog post for details on the latest version of the app.

iPhone -
iPad -

StudioCloud is pleased to announce that StudioCloud mobile, our iPhone app, is now available for free in the Apple App Store.

The application includes client management, an agenda view with filter capabilities, task and project management, time tracking, and syncing. The time tracking and syncing capabilities do require a StudioCloud CloudBoost or EmployeeBoost add-on.


The Telfers at Warragal Park said...

Now I just need an iPhone!

Rob Sigler Photography said...

This is by far the worst iPhone app I've ever seen. Did you guys test the app before putting it out? The SMS button actually places a call to the client. The calendar is a mess... causes my phone to freeze. This is yet another sloppy product from Studio Cloud...not worth downloading!

Landon Green said...


Thank you for the candid feedback. We are using a new technology from Adobe which allows us to develop apps for the Android, iPhone/iPad, and Blackberry playbook. We thoroughly tested the app before release and it also passed Apple’s Approval process. Since it is a new technology from Adobe there is possibility for errors. We have reproduced the SMS issue that you reported and are working to try to identify the problem. Right now it appears to be an issue with the Adobe technology. We will see what we can do to work around the issues and obviously submit an update to the apple app store to fix it.

We are also trying to reproduce the calendar issues that you are experiencing. Did it freeze when switching days or when creating/editing/deleting appointments?

Landon Green said...

We have confirmed that the SMS text messaging issue is a bug with Adobe's software and we are working with them to resolve this issue.

This bug affects both the iPhone and Android app. We will release an update as soon as we can get this issue resolved.

Landon Green said...


We have not been able to reproduce any issues with the calendar on the iPhone 4? Are you using an iPhone 3Gs?

Landon Green said...

The SMS issue in the Android app has been resolved with the latest update. The SMS issue in the iPhone app will be resolved as soon as Apple approves the update which has been taking about 7 business days.

Kori Heuvel said...

is there a difference between the iPhone 4 and the iphone3Gs? My hubby and I have different phones and I wanted to make sure that both of us would not have any problems... But I can't wait to get the app!!! Thank you!!! I am excited!

Landon Green said...

The iPhone app supports the following apple phones.

iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4
iPod Touch (3rd Generation and 4th Generation)

The only difference between the iPhone 3Gs and the iPhone 4 is speed. The iPhone 4 is faster then the iPhone 3Gs.

jvanwyhe said...

For clarity - will the app sync my information when I plug in/sync my phone on my desktop - or is the app useless without a boost upgrade?

Anonymous said...

if it works with iphone, will it work with ipad2?

Landon Green said...

To get the syncing functionality you would need a boost.

We support the iphone 4, ipad and ipad 2.

Jeff Lai said...

why cant client notes be viewed instead of only their contact numbers? There is not enough info on the app nor can you view invoices made out. Would be nice to be able to generate invoices out etc. I think its 1/1000 of the desktop version. I would not use it again.

Landon Green said...

We have a new update in the apple app store that is waiting for approval. The app store takes about 2 weeks before an update is approved.

The new update includes the client notes as well as other items.

The screen space for iphones doesn't really work very well with invoices. The ipad does have more screen space for invoicing but we currently have an app that is both for the iphone and ipad. Until we offer a unique app for each device it would be difficult to add invoicing since it would need to be difference for each device.

Landon Green said...

In addition, you are correct in saying that the mobile device does not have all of the capabilities that the desktop has. The desktop is designed to be able to do everything while the mobile device is designed for only on-the-go items.

mushroom & gadgets said...

I have the iPhone3Gs and well, it says it cannot install the app because it wasn't supported. :(

Landon Green said...

The iPhone 3G will not work but the iPhone 3GS should work fine assuming that you have the iOS version 4 installed. Can you verify that you have the right iOS version?

Anonymous said...

When syncing to my iPad and iPhone 4 no contact appear.. it says 'No matching results' I would love to see my clients and also prospective clients with all of their details.
Can you also add events from clients on the iPad which upload to the desk version?
Are you working on a new iPad version?
Thanks in advance..

Landon Green said...

If you type in the full name of a client with a space it will not find the client. However, if you type in the first or last name of the client it should find it.

We do have lots of plans for the iphone/ipad app. Hopefully we will have some more details on it for you by early December.