Monday, January 18, 2016

New Feature: Custom Fields

Custom Client Fields

StudioCloud now supports up to 3 custom client fields in the new and edit client window. These fields can be used to store any information regarding a client that you want. In addition, the client fields label's can also be renamed. For example, if you want to save a client's fax number you could rename the "Custom Field 1" to be "Fax" and then record the fax number.

The Custom Field's are also display in the client tables as well but must be first selected from the "View Columns" menu option.


Anonymous said...

This is lamentable. ALL fields should be customisable! Why should StudioCloud dictate what specific information we are allowed to NEED to store for our specific types of work? Three customisable fields still makes StudioCloud a hopeless non-starter for me.

Also, the Leads import process should allow field mapping BEFORE import so that we don't have to do hours of manual data entry to add those custom fields for each client AFTER import.

Have the creators of StudioCloud ever actually discussed the needs of the many different types of photographer with photographers? I suspect not because it looks as though they just make it up as they go along and end up with a disjointed muddle that doesn't fit anybody's essential workflow.

Trent Weber said...

Thank you for your feedback. The requests for the custom fields have, generally speaking, all requested one additional field to customize. We decided to add in 3 fields for those rare situations where more then one field is needed.

The lead import process does support mapping the leads before they are imported. Each column header is selectable and you can change how the data is imported by selecting that column.

The workflow for a single photographer that doesn't have any employees versus the workflow of a photography studio with 30 employees is radically different. Add on to that fact that wedding and portrait photographers can have completely different workflows and it gets even more complicated. We have done a LOT of improvements to streamline the workflow setup and we have a lot more improvements scheduled in the future as well. If you need suggestions on how to setup your workflow please go to live chat where they can work with you directly to suggest the best method to setup your workflow.