Friday, June 22, 2018

New CloudForms/CloudBooking Look and Feel

StudioCloud has released a new responsive look and feel for the CloudForms and CloudBooking. The new look and feel auto adjusts based on the size of the clients screen. To use the new look and feel update to the latest version of StudioCloud.

All new Cloudforms will automatically use the new look and feel by default. Existing CloudForms will only use the new default if they are updated to use it. To update to use the new look and feel do the following steps:

  • Click on CloudServices
  • Click on the CloudForms & CloudBooking tab
  • Click on the Manage Forms button
  • Edit the desired CloudForm
  • Click on the Style tab
  • Click the Modern Theme radio button

CloudForms & CloudBooking also include the following new changes that have been introduced over the last few updates:
  • When creating a new CloudForm a popup window will appear showing a lot of pre-built cloudform options that can be used to speed up Cloudform creation.
  • A new tab called "Form Settings" has been added to the top when you create or edit a cloudform which includes all of the form settings.
  • CloudForms now support being adjusted how they match new clients with existing clients. You can have strict matching, loose matching, or no matching.
  • The popup message when a client submits a form can now be customized under the form settings
  • The forms now support having you add third party tracking code to the forms, such as google analytics, under the form settings
  • CloudForms can be included in the client portal
  • A CloudForm can be set as the default "Update Client Info" for the client portal. If a cloudform is set then an "Update Info" button will appear when the client logs into the client portal which redirects to the CloudForm.

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