Friday, September 26, 2008

Client Numbers

Last night our development team stayed up late to bring you the new Client Number feature. StudioCloud wants to thank those of you that have been patiently waiting for us to add this new feature.

StudioCloud, It’s just that Easy

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Customizable Invoice Numbers and Online Gallery PayPal Support

We have a lot of customers who have been asking why the blog has been quiet lately. The blog's focus has been on new features and products. The development team has been working diligently on getting them released and they expect them to be available in the next few weeks. A lot of the updates over the last few weeks have been in preparation for those new features. Hopefully you will be excited as we are about the new features when they are announced.

Last night’s update added some exciting new features. The first feature is primarily for international users, QuickBooks users, and new StudioCloud studios. You can now change the invoice number so that it matches with your current studios invoice number allowing you to continue using the same invoice numbering system you have always been using. It will make the transition to StudioCloud just that much easier.

To learn more about editing Invoice Numbers click on the following link:

Those of you who are detail oriented will also have noticed that the developers added a few visual items to speed up your processes. The title bar when you edit an invoice now contains the invoice date as well as the invoice number.

StudioCloud is also pleased to announce that the Online Gallery now has the capability of accepting credit cards through PayPal. This new feature gives your clients a simple and efficient way to purchase those must have images. This new PayPal capability is an option that can be turned on or off on a per album basis.

To learn more about Online Gallery’s new PayPal capability click on the following link:

StudioCloud, It's just that Easy