Thursday, April 20, 2017

New Features

With the latest release of StudioCloud multiple new features have been added to StudioCloud. They are listed below.

New CloudForm Features
  • A new combo box option that supports auto tagging a client based on the item they select in the combo box. 
    • This option is great for letting clients opt-in to receiving marketing material from third party partners. The client will be tagged which allows you to easily generate and send your partners a list of all the clients that have that tag.
  • A new combo box option that supports having a product, service, or package automatically added to a new invoice when the CloudForm is submitted.
    • This option is great for letting a customer select multiple items in a CloudForm. Each of the items will automatically be added to a new invoice for that customer.
  • There is also a combo box option where you can have a combobox combine both of the options above together.

New Contract Features
  • An option to have a custom email sent to the client when they esign a contract. This email is in addition to the contract signed email they get which contains a copy of their contract.
  • An option to have a contract automatically change an associated calendar type. This is useful for scheduling a tentative session on the calendar and having it automatically be switched to a booked session once they have esigned the contract.
  • An option to have an event pipeline automatically assigned to an event or session once a contract has been esigned. This option is great for situations where you want to start a workflow once a client has esigned a contract.
  • Now estimates and quotes will automatically be converted to invoices when a contract associated with them has been esigned.

New Scheduling Wizard Features

New Calendar Type Features
  • Calendar types now support limiting employees from booking sessions based on their security roles. This is used to allow employees with a specific security roles to only book specific types of sessions or events.

New Dymo Printer Features
  • The dymo printer options have been updated to include the option of printing a label using a document template.

New Contract Template Features
  • Contract templates now support automatically inserting payment due fields into a contract which can be used to populate a contract with the amount of money a client owes.

New Email Template Features

New Pipeline Features
  • Tooltips have been added to pipelines to get more details regarding them.
  • Pipeline Stage Employees, Pipeline Stage Deadlines and the Overall Pipeline Deadline can now dynamically changed instead of only being able to assign those when a pipeline is created.