Friday, August 16, 2013

New AutoPay Feature

In the latest StudioCloud update, version 3.1.197, our team has released the latest integration feature with Merchant Warehouse called StudioCloud AutoPay.  This is available to any StudioCloud accounts that have a Merchant Warehouse account setup in StudioCloud.  This feature allows you to set a default credit card for your clients and then to have StudioCloud automatically process payments due on the payment due deadline.

We have put together a support article to help you get started with this new feature which is available here:

When StudioCloud AutoPay processes a payment your clients will receive a message.  Currently this message is not customizable.  It will contain the subject line "Your Payment To YOUR_BUSINESS_NAME" and a simple message of "A payment of $AMOUNT was successfully processed for invoice #INVOICE_NUMBER for CLIENT NAME on DATE"

You will also receive an email containing a summary of all of the payments that were processed each day.  It will contain a similar message for each payment but the text could be different if the payment was declined.

Also, if the payment is successful then StudioCloud will automatically convert the Payment Due to a Payment and transfer it to Bookkeeping.