Friday, February 6, 2015

Importing Data Into StudioCloud

StudioCloud has introduced various free and paid-for methods whereby information from 3rd party software solutions can be imported into StudioCloud. Many clients have taken advantage of both of these methods and have been able to transfer their information from 3rd party software solutions to StudioCloud quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, some StudioCloud clients have experienced problems when transferring their information. Most often the core issue can be traced back to different versions of the same 3rd party software exporting the data differently and causing issues.  Due to StudioCloud being unable to control how the data is exported from 3rd party solutions, these accounts will need further assistance in helping to get the data imported into StudioCloud.

If you have a question about how to import your data into StudioCloud from other 3rd party software then we are happy to help.  However, if you experience a problem during the import process that would require that we look at your exported files in order to resolve it you would need to purchase the paid-for service for importing data because of the time intensive nature of resolving these types of issues.

You can read more about StudioCloud's paid-for importing data service by clicking here.