Sunday, January 12, 2014

WPPI/Imaging USA 2014 Special

StudioCloud is expanding our Imaging USA 2014 special to include all new customers.

Sign up for the PartnerBoost or EmployeeBoost before March 31st, 2014 and get the CloudProofing, CloudBooking, CloudForms and CloudAlerts for free.

That is a savings of about $40 per month and over $460 per year.

To redeem the above offer go to and enter the discount code of special101 when you subscribe to the PartnerBoost or EmployeeBoost.

PartnerBoost is Here


StudioCloud is excited to announce the availability of its new add-on called PartnerBoost. PartnerBoost bridges the gap between the free single user version of StudioCloud and the paid for three StudioCloud users EmployeeBoost add-on. With PartnerBoost you get two StudioCloud users for $30 per month which allows two business partners to both be logged in and working simultaneously and to both be scheduled on the calendar simultaneously. A perfect fit for those businesses which need two people to have access to StudioCloud at the same time.

While the PartnerBoost does include two StudioCloud users it does not include the ability to add more StudioCloud users or the employee focused features such as virtual employees, security roles, time card tracking, etc. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

StudioCloud and ProSelect Integration

Proselect Integration

StudioCloud is excited to announce that it has partnered with TimeExposure, the makers of the award winning Proselect Presentation and sales software. This new partnership will provide StudioCloud and Proselect customers a seamless experience between their presentation software and business software.

With the new features you can now do the following in StudioCloud

  1. Create a new ProSelect album for a StudioCloud event
  2. Link the currently open ProSelect album to a StudioCloud event
  3. Open the ProSelelct album assigned to a StudioCloud event
  4. Unlink the ProSelect album for a StudioCloud event
  5. View the path for the ProSelect album linked to a StudioCloud event
With the new features you can now do the following in Proselect

  1. Search for a StudioCloud client and select the event that the Album should be associated with
  2. Create a new order for a ProSelect album that has been linked to a StudioCloud event
  3. Update an order for a ProSelect order that has previously been saved to StudioCloud
For tutorials on the above features please go to the following link. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

StudioCloud at Imaging USA 2014

Imaging USA 2014

StudioCloud will be at Imaging USA 2014 at booth #646. We will be making some exciting announcements over the next few days so make sure to check in on our blog to see what they are.

If you would like a free expo pass to Imaging USA 2014 click on the link below.

Please note that for step 1 you need to search for your first name and last name and if it doesn't find you then it will give you an option to register as a non-member. From there you just need to fill out the information and choose the free expo-only option.