Monday, February 1, 2016

Update: CloudForms

With the latest version of StudioCloud we have added quite a few new updates and improvements to the CloudForms. Make sure to get the latest update when launching StudioCloud or go under Settings and click on 'check for updates'. Please note that current customers will not be affected by any of the changes unless they edit the form.

For those of you who don't currently use CloudForms, they can help you collect important information before an appointment, capture and convert leads, and gives you the ability to have your clients digitally sign contracts. 

The CloudForms have been updated to support fonts, font colors and text box colors. Below are sample contact us forms with different font and color setups. The forms with the white background are transparent, so if you embed them in your website the background color will be the same as your website.

The CloudForms form creation interface has also been updated to support dragging and dropping of components to sort them. Below are examples of the clicking to sort method and the dragging and dropping to sort method. Both methods are now supported.

Dragging and dropping to sort

Clicking to sort

Here is a complete list of the new and updated CloudForm features in the latest version of StudioCloud:
  • User Interface Changes
    • The addition of descriptions in the form creation interface to answer common questions.
    • The fields management section in a form now has the entire window space height to make it easier to sort and organize the fields.
    • The fields in a form now support drag and drop reordering as shown above.
    • The client fields now tell you where the information will be saved in StudioCloud. For example, the first name field tells you when you create or edit a component that the information added to the field will be added to the client first name field in StudioCloud.
  • Customer facing form changes
    • The forms now support choosing from 14 different browser supported fonts
    • The forms now support changing the form text color either by selecting the color from a list or by entering an html hex color.
    • The forms now support changing the input form background color either by selecting the color from a list or by entering an html hex color.
    • The label field has been updated to support two different widths
    • A line break field has been added in to support spacing in the form.
    • An html link option has been added in allow the client to click on a link and have it open a new tab. 
      • This is useful for situations where you want the client to view a page such as your terms of use policy but you don't want the client to leave the form.
    • An html link option has been added in to allow the client to click on a link and the client will leave the form and go to a different webpage. 
      • This is useful if the client is filling out the wrong cloudform and you need to have them leave the form and go to a different web link.
    • The 3 new custom fields in StudioCloud are now supported in the CloudForms.
      • To receive this feature please update to the latest minor release by going to settings and clicking on the "show major and minor releases" then clicking update.
  • Actions after the client fills out the form
    • The forms now support having a client automatically tagged when they fill out a form for future marketing purposes.
    • The forms now support having a client pipeline automatically assigned to a client for lead tracking. Client pipelines must be enabled to view this option when creating a form.
    • The forms now support selecting whether a client will be added to StudioCloud as a client, prospective client, or lead