Saturday, June 1, 2019

Invoice Balance Due

New Invoice Balance Due Field

StudioCloud now lets you add a balance due date to an invoice to indicate when the invoice balance is due. This option is available under the 'Settings' tab when creating or editing an invoice.

Including the Date on Printed and Emailed Invoices

You can add the balance due date to any html5 invoice template. This option let the customer see when the balance is due in any printed or emailed invoice.

Pay Now Button

You can also have the html5 invoice show a 'Pay Now' button when the invoice is emailed to a client.

Automatically Email the Client when the Balance is Due

StudioCloud's CloudAlerts have also been updated so that you can automatically email an invoice to a client a few days before, on, or after the balance is due. The invoice in the email can also have the "Pay Now" button included in it.