Friday, November 3, 2017

Custom Phone Numbers Now Available

With the latest major update of StudioCloud you can now get a custom phone number for your business. 

Custom phone numbers let you receive text message responses from customers, respond to customers directly from StudioCloud, and forward text message responses to multiple email accounts.

Here is a complete list of the custom text message phone number features
  • Select a custom phone number based on country, area code, and/or exact phone number
  • All text messages sent from StudioCloud, including CloudAlerts, will be sent using your custom phone number
  • Text message replies can be forwarded to as many email addresses as desired.
  • Text message replies are automatically saved in StudioCloud and, if possible, automatically associated with a client that has a matching phone number
  • The overview page offers a widget which shows all of the text messagses that haven't been replied to
  • You can view attachments that customers text you in StudioCloud or download them directly to your computer.
  • If desired you can manually match a text message with an existing client or create a new client, prospective client, or lead
  • You can also view a history of all of the text messages that you have received.