Monday, June 13, 2011

New Client Portal

StudioCloud is excited to announce a new online client portal available for CloudBoost and EmployeeBoost users. The client portal provides the following functionality once a client has logged into the portal.
  • View their contact information for accuracy
  • View their scheduled appointments with you
  • View their invoices and pay any outstanding balance*

The client portal is available for you right now. You can embed the client portal in your website so that clients that go to your website can login directly to it or you can send them a link in an email that they can use to login.

For setup instructions please refer to the following tutorial.

*A Merchant Warehouse account is required for customers to pay balances from the client portal.

-StudioCloud Team

To Update Or Not To Update

The StudioCloud team often struggles with conflicting customer feedback with no real obvious solution to the problem. Sometimes members of the team can feel like the duck in the comic below.

One of those struggles is with StudioCloud updates. On the one hand, everyone loves the fact that the team can quickly release updates to address their needs. On the other hand, many people are frustrated by the frequency of the pop-up that appears when each new update is available.

To address this issue we have introduced the concept of major and minor releases. A major release generally occurs once every two weeks and includes all of the functionality in the minor release. The minor releases occur every few days. If you install a minor release you will get a pop-up every time a new minor or major release becomes available. If you install a major release you will only get a pop-up when major releases are available.

To learn more about the major and minor releases as well as view the release notes please go to the following link:

-StudioCloud Team