Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Recent Updates

Last night's update included one important change for prospective customers. You can now include prospective customers when scheduling events on the calendar. This will allow for you to meet with those prospective customers and discuss their needs before they are added as actual customers for your studio.

To add prospective customers to a calendar event open up an event and click the button that reads "Select Customers" and where you would normally see your list of customers you will now see two tabs. One labeled "Clients" and the second labeled "Prospective Clients". You can double-click and drag and drop the prospective clients into the list of selected clients.

Also, creating new products and services just became easier with the new "Duplicate" button available in Point of Sale. If you need to add a new product or service that's similar to an existing product, simply click "Duplicate" and an "Add New Product" form will pop up pre-populated with the existing product's information.

Finally, Brazilian currency is now available in Basic and Professional Suites, the Online Gallery, and PSG application.

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