Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tip of the Week -Tags

This week’s Tip of the Week has to do with Client Tags. Client Tags are an important part of creating profitable marketing campaigns. Tags allow you to create marketing campaigns that focus on specific types of clients. Every client might seem different but many of them have similarities that you can use to create that perfect marketing campaign. For example, similarities such as interests, hobbies, events, lifestyle, estimated income level, employment, etc. can all be used to identify which customers a specific marketing campaign would appeal to the most.

StudioCloud provides you with intuitive, easy to use, tagging functionality that enables you to create that perfect marketing campaign for your clients. Tags also help you to effectively organize your clients to create an even more efficient studio.

To get more information regarding how to setup and use tags refer to the link below:

StudioCloud, It’s just that easy.


Robin One Photography said...

Tried to view the tutorial but received this error message "An Error Was Encountered
The URI you submitted has disallowed characters."

Landon Green said...

Thank you for pointing out the error. We have updated the documentation to the correct location.