Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Updates to StudioCloud Desktop and Browser

There have been some recent updates to StudioCloud Desktop and StudioCloud Browser.
  1. The development team has begun integrating with internet payment gateways. The first gateway we have integrated with is If you currently use a merchant account that process credit cards through then you can setup your merchant account information in StudioCloud Desktop in the Settings section so that when you have a payment that is being made on a credit card you can process it right then and there. *
  2. Orders made from the StudioCloud Online Proofing have always been automatically added to your list of workflow orders. However, with the recent updates you will even be able to view the thumbnails of the images that were ordered in StudioCloud Online Proofing. This should make it easier for you to process your orders. *
  3. The graphical view of the calendar that allows you to quickly view when your appointments are was recently updated to include additional information both in the appointment and the tooltip. (This update only affects Professional Suite users.) You will now see the photographers, assistants, equipment, and locations that are scheduled for a session both on the calendar and in the tooltip.
  4. The button that used to be in the reports section of StudioCloud Desktop and StudioCloud Browser that allowed you to print a list of your clients has been removed. Instead there is now a button on both the clients section and the prospective clients section that allows you to print this report. This should make it easier for your to find this information when you need it.
  5. The development team recently implemented a new feedback system. For the most part, you will not see any huge changes. The difference is that this new system allows you to respond to our support team from within the StudioCloud programs. In addition, you can see the conversation history of a particular item of feedback. That way you don't have to go searching through your emails to find out what a member of the support team said in their last email. We believe that this will make it easier for you to communicate with us and vice versa.
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* Affects only StudioCloud Desktop

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