Friday, October 1, 2010

Behind the Shutter Exclusive Interview

Behind the Shutter is an exciting new way to learn the ins-and-outs of how to run a photography business. Led by a StudioCloud Board of Expert and Binghamton University Business School Graduate, Sal Cincotta, Behind the Shutter will give you the information you need to change your business. Now.

(Q) If you had 30 seconds to describe Behind the Shutter, what would you say?

(A) Behind the Shutter is geared toward the aspiring photographer, both professional and amateur. It's an advanced site for photographers to learn how to change simple aspects of their business to make it more profitable. [It's] the one place where professional and amateur photographers can go to get real, actionable advice to grow their business. Not some 'feel-good' fluff.

(Q) If I were a beginning photographer, how would Behind the Shutter benefit me?

(A) There is a huge benefit for the new photographer. The reason for that is because, like any business, you have to lay a solid foundation for success. A lot of photographers make the same mistakes. They want work, so they lower their prices. This makes their clients compare them to bargain-photo stores located in most low-end supermarkets. You want and need to make money. You simply can't say to yourself, "If I shoot them, they will come." You have to learn how to structure your tactics like a business. With Behind the Shutter, you'll gain tips and understanding to make money now.

(Q) If I signed up for Behind the Shutter, what changes could I expect to see in my business?

(A) After the fist couple of hours of viewing the online content, you can literally walk away from your computer and change your life. Our information is not glossed over and it's not the typical information you'd expect from an online resource. The ideas, insights and news that you will receive will give you actionable results that you can take to change your business immediately and start making money.

(Q) As an exclusive member of Behind the Shutter, what information will I have access to?

(A) As a member of Behind the Shutter, you will have access to videos, new information about running your business, tips and tricks when shooting events and portrait sessions, and more. We update the information monthly.

You can sign up for Behind the Shutter here.

For more information about Sal Cincotta, please view StudioCloud's Board of Expert page.

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