Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Virtual Employees

StudioCloud is excited to announce a new feature for our EmployeeBoost users. You can now create virtual employees in your StudioCloud account. What is a StudioCloud virtual employee?
  • A StudioCloud virtual employee is a real-life person who can have access to your StudioCloud Calendar via an ICS feed, be added to appointments and sessions, and can be attached to invoices.
What information can a virtual employee access?
  • A StudioCloud virtual employee can access your StudioCloud calendar via an ICS feed.
Why do I need a virtual employee?
  • Some businesses and photography studios have employees who work for them, but never need access to their business software. With this new feature, you can give them access to the calendar, add them to appointments, or attach them to invoices-allowing you and your employees more freedom to stay connected through StudioCloud.
How can I add virtual employees?
  • In order to add virtual employees, simply go to EmployeeBoost>>User Accounts>>New User. Under the Security Role drop-down menu, select Virtual Employee.
If you have any questions about using a virtual employee, contact StudioCloud at

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