Friday, January 13, 2012

Get CloudBooking For Free!

If you purchase a CloudBoost or EmployeeBoost add-on before March 1, 2012 then you will get the new CloudBooking by StudioCloud for FREE*! That is a free gift valued at $120 per year.

CloudBooking allows your clients to quickly and easily book appointments from your website. CloudBooking is seamlessly integrated with the StudioCloud software which means that you do not need any additional software to get started and any appointments that are scheduled will be downloaded straight into your StudioCloud software. Below is a list of some of the CloudBooking features:
  1. Seamlessly integrated with StudioCloud desktop software
  2. Client's can access the CloudBooking system from your website or from your CloudBooking site
  3. Allow new clients to signup and login, returning clients to login, or even allow both options
  4. Have your clients answer customized questions before they can book an appointment with you
  5. Multiple methods of determining the availability from your calendar **
  6. Multiple methods of determining the length of the proposed appointment
  7. Automatically confirm the new appointments that come in from CloudBooking or manually login to StudioCloud and confirm the appointment after verifying your availability
  8. Have your client make a payment before the can book the time slot ***
CloudBooking is only $9.95 per month or if you purchase the CloudBoost or EmployeeBoost add-on before March 1, 2012 you can get the CloudBooking for free. CloudBooking and EmployeeBoost allow you to sync all of your data to StudioCloud servers. This protects you from data loss if your computer crashes and allows you to access your information from any Internet-enabled mobile device.

Learn more about CloudBooking By StudioCloud by going to

*Please note it can take 2-3 business days for the CloudBooking to be added to your account. If you are still unable to use the CloudBooking after 2-3 days then please contact with your StudioCloud Business ID. Please note that the free CloudBooking is only valid as long as you don't change your subscription. If you decided that you want to cancel your CloudBoost or EmployeeBoost account but keep CloudBooking your subscription will be updated to reflect the current CloudBooking pricing.

**Some of the availability methods do require an EmployeeBoost subscription

***Requires a Merchant Warehouse account

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