Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Product Changes in the Invoice

With the most recent release of StudioCloud there were quite a few updates and changes to StudioCloud.  For a summary of the changes made please see the labs page 

One of the changes that was made affects how the available products, services, and packages are displayed when creating or editing an invoice.  A screenshot is available below to give you an idea of what the new product list looks like.

As you can see in this screen shot there is no longer an option in the list to click on a header and view only the products, services, or packages but rather the default is to "View All Items" which means that products, services, and packages are displayed together.  To distinguish between products, services, and packages when you view them together a [P] has been put in front of product name and a [S] has been put in front of service name.  Packages do not include any notation in front of the name. 

You can change which products, services and packages are visible by changing the price list in the combo box at the bottom of the table.  By default "All Products/Services" are displayed.

At the top of the products table is a combo box that says "View All Items" by default.  If you want to view only products, services, or packages you can do that by changing what is selected in that combo box.

One last thing to make note of is that if you hover your mouse over an item in this list you will get more details including the full description in  a tooltip and you can also still search for a product, service, or package using the search box at the top.

All of these changes were made to accommodate the QTY field that has been added in to this table.  The QTY field is for the inventory management component and we will have more on this in a future post.


Unknown said...

THANK you for the hover feature!

Unknown said...

THANKS for the hover feature!!