Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Feature Update: Jobs

With the latest release of StudioCloud, version 3.1.290, there have been additional features added to jobs. Those features are listed below.
  • Group operations have been added to quickly convert clients, prospective clients, and leads to a different client type.
  • Group operations were added to quickly select clients, prospective clients, and leads that are linked to an active job or are not linked to an active job.
  • Group operations were added to create jobs for clients, prospective clients or leads as well as to set the initial job pipeline when the job is created.
  • Job pipelines and job pipeline deadlines have been  added to the leads table
  • Job pipelines have been added to the edit client, prospective client, and leads window.
  • If the job pipeline is selected from the client, prospective client, or lead window then a new job will be created if one doesn't already exist.
  • Jobs can now be marked as completed from the edit job window instead of just from the group operation jobs table.

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