Thursday, December 8, 2016

New: Web Mobile App (Beta)

StudioCloud has drastically improved the web mobile app.

You can access the mobile web app by typing into your mobile browser

Direct Cloud Access
  • Access your business information directly from the cloud. No need to wait for any information to sync between the cloud and your device.
Auto Adjusting Interface
  • The new web mobile interface has been designed to auto adjust to fit the screen size of the mobile device you are using.
Clients, Prospective Clients, and Leads

In the new client view there are a lot of new features such as:
  • Save a client's social media info
  • Track unique information using custom client fields
  • Open a personalized CloudForm for a client
  • View signed and unsigned contracts for a client
  • Create a new contract for a client to eSign

The new agenda also has a lot of new features such as:
  • Schedule sessions, events, and appointments using calendar type and calendar sub-type
  • Book clients
  • Schedule employees, equipment, and locations


CloudForms have been integrated directly into the mobile app. A personalized CloudForm can be opened directly from the client view. A personalized CloudForm in the mobile is ideal to have a client verify their information on a tablet or ipad and update any inaccurate information.

A non-personalized CloudForm can be opened from the list of CloudForm and is ideal for a new client to fill out a new client form on a tablet or ipad.

Please note that CloudForm can also be integrated with online booking, payments/deposits, and contracts.

Mileage Tracking

You can now enter your mileage directly from the mobile app


You can view all of the outstanding contracts or just the signed and unsigned contracts for a specific client from the mobile app. In addition, you can also create a new contract to be esigned.

Time Card

You can clock in and clock out directly from the mobile app.

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