Monday, April 7, 2008

Feature Updates

1) A change to printing and emailing invoices
a. After you click print or email it will pop up a box with various options. If you click email, one of those options is to modify the email address you want to send it to
b. To print an invoice with notes you click print/email and click the box that asks about notes
c. You can print your entire packages information in the invoice or just the basic package info

2) When you add a new client from any of the create/edit calendar session windows it automatically adds the client to the list for the session you are scheduling.

3) Track Organizations
a. Under Clients there is a tab Organizations where you can track different organizations and the individual clients that are associated with that organization. For example, you can assign seniors to the high school they attend. This will allow you to run reports in the CRM (coming soon) to track your most profitable school, send out targeted mail/email campaigns, and find the average sale per school.

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