Thursday, April 24, 2008

StudioCloud Bookkeeping

In last night's update there was a change to the bookkeeping section of the Basic and Professional Suites. In the bookkeeping section there is a tab named "Income/Expense Tracking". Previously this tab listed all of your bookkeeping entries in one table. However, we realize that you need to see specific information on a per account basis. As a result, the developers updated this area last night. When you first login you will not see any entries in the table on the "Income/Expense Tracking" tab. But you will see a drop-down box labeled "Account:" That drop-down box contains a list of all of your accounts. When you select an account in the drop-down box the bookkeeping entries that have been associated with that account will appear.

One final note, there are occasions when some bookkeeping entries have not been assigned to an account. As a result there is one option in the drop-down box that is labeled "Unspecified." Selecting this option will show you all of the bookkeeping entries that have not been associated with an account.

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