Monday, January 11, 2010

StudioCloud 3.0 and New Desktop Version

StudioCloud 3.0 is officially out of beta. With the release of StudioCloud 3.0 there have been some changes to the naming of StudioCloud's products which will not affect any of our current customers accounts. The Basic Suite is now named the CloudBoost and the Professional Suite is now named the EmployeeBoost.

At Imaging USA StudioCloud also released a free DESKTOP only version which is now available to everyone. The free Desktop version does not have internet access or syncing abilities which reduces the features of what current customers enjoy.

Customers now purchase Boosts and add those to the free version instead of purchasing a Basic or Professional Suite. For $30 a month the CloudBoost can be added and for $60 a month the CloudBoost and the EmployeeBoost can be added. CloudBoost adds the internet and syncing abilities while the EmployeeBoost adds all employee features. Please note that the EmployeeBoost can not be purchased without purchasing the CloudBoost as well. Current professional suite users have both boosts.

Here are the features that those with the free Desktop version do NOT have:

  • Customer support
  • Data backups online (if you lose your data on your computer we will not be able to retrieve it)
  • Access to your data on multiple computers (data does not sync between computers)
  • Use of StudioCloud Mobile (schedule, add clients, etc. from browsers, iphones, etc.)
  • Automatic client email appointment reminders
  • Syncing Calendar To Outlook, iCal, etc.
  • Emailing invoices and estimates
  • and any other features that involve syncing to a server or the need for internet access.
  • In addition, they will not have multiple employee features including scheduling, time card tracking, multiple logins, role based access control, commission/sales reports, etc.

For more details please see the feature comparison chart here

Also, now that StudioCloud 3.0 is out of beta please update if you have not done so by going here. StudioCloud 3.0 will resolve any syncing or internet issues. It also greatly increases the speed of the login process and the rest of the product as well.

Please also note that if you joined StudioCloud with a discount or special show pricing you will remain at that special pricing as long as you remain a paying customer.

Please visit our updated website at for more information and let us know if you have any questions!

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